And the Winner Is…

“Success is not about winning but it’s about learning after the game. Life doesn’t end if you win but a start for a new challenge of a harder fight.” 

In every game there is a challenge…and Egg Defender faced another competition head on! For those who have followed our story, the first competition took place during Georgia Game Jam in 2013 where the Egg Defender team was one of five finalists and progressed on to compete at SiegeCon where we were first runner-up!

This past year, we were invited to compete in another CDC partner event, GameOn! Challenge, where we competed with twelve other competition teams.

The goal of the Game On! Challenge is to support the development of an original and innovative game app for smartphones.  The game app will educate young people about HIV and STD prevention. The target population for this game is adolescents aged 13 to 17 years or young adults aged 18 to 24 years.  

Although we did not place with first or second, we were one of the THREE Honorable Mentions and appreciate how much this competition brought our group together as we faced the next challenge of marketing and producing the game for the mobile application and desktop markets.

We are glad each of you is along with us in this journey and we encourage you to follow the latest updates on the Egg Defender Facebook Page  and here on the ZapMil blog.

See you in the WINNERS CIRCLE…

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