Student Made Games

The following games linked below were designed by students who participated in ZapMil Game Design & Development summer camps / after school programs.  All games are free to play, and all credits can be found within the games main screen or credits pages.

ZapMil Game Design and Development Summer Camps 2018
The following games were made in summer camps within different schools in Gwinnett County GA.
All games were designed within a 4 day time frame using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Free.

@ Maxwell High School
Beyond Space

Fort Farm

Mountain Climber

Pokemon Racing

@ Shiloh High School camp 1
Super Duper Fighting Simulator

Tanks – You’re Welcome

Tennis Soccer

Wyvern Sim



ZapMil @ UGA Summer Camps
In the summers of 2016 & 2017, ZapMil was the instructor for  the GammaGames Summer Camp held at the University of Georgia.
The following games were made by campers, who’s credits can be found within the game.
These are text-based, choose your own adventure style games, and were made within a 1 week time frame.

Gnome Quest

Snek Dating Simulator


ZapMil @ After School Programs
The following games were made by students in after school programs with ZapMil as the instructor.

TNS-X Game Design at The New School in Atlanta

Fall Semester 2017:
Simple Soccer

This can be a 2 player game using the controls W,S,A,D for one player and using the arrow keys as the second player.
Be Warned!  The referee wants to play too, and doesn’t care who wins!

Spring Semester 2018:
Into The Dungeon
Find the lost dog!
TIP – Press “s” to skip the intro when starting over.

Ozone Protector
You are the ozone layer and your job is to protect Earth from pollution and attacking gamma rays!


Special Thanks
We would like to give special thanks to the following websites for their contribution of assets under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license which are used in student games.  Each game lists assets used in the main screen or credits page.

Sound effects generator:

AI music generator:

Art and sound assets:

Art and sound assets:

Sprite generator: