Egg Defender:

Egg Defender Art


Destroy STDs/STIs and Sperm Cells that are attempting to ruin the life of an unsuspecting victim!
Your directive is to command your unit of Egg Defenders in their battle against STDs/STIs and unplanned pregnancy.  It is imperative you learn to work well with your team of nanobots to protect the hosts which you have been designed to defend.


Chase ‘n Ate:

Chase ‘n Ate is a simple survival game.  The object of the game is to eat as many green and blue dots as you can while trying to stay away from the red dot that is chasing you.  Artificial Intelligence (the chase algorithm) is designed using the Bresenham Line Algorithm.

Controls: A,S,W,D or your arrow keys to move around the play area.



Satellite Hunt:
Game designed in Unity.

Story:  You are planet Earth, and have lost all your satellites.  You must navigate the maze of the universe and find all your lost satellites in order to win.  Beware of deadly black holes that will draw you in!  Watch out for those deadly Planet Xs that will chase you if you get too close!  Enjoy some zero gravity bowling while you’re at it!

Controls:  Use the mouse to look around.  Use the A, S, W, D keys to move around.  Keep in mind what ever direction you are looking will be forward.  Use the spacebar to jump.

Art – Brian Miller
Music – Pat Strawser
Programming – Brian Miller, James Ridgway



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