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Egg Defender is a shooter game with educational elements designed to help create an awareness of STDs/STIs and unplanned pregnancy prevention. Using a comedic approach, the game utilizes humor as one of the main motivators for gameplay while instructing about methods of prevention for STDs/STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

More importantly, the game’s graphics are designed without use of any suggestive or explicit elements, including body parts or situational exhibition.

As we share the game and its benefits with educational and industry leaders, and build additional areas of support with our collaborative  partners, we invite you to check out the game on the released mobile platforms as well as our desktop version for your device, community program, or classroom.

(Download Egg Defender)
Windows PC only

Please contact us directly with any questions or potential collaborative opportunities you wish to share with our team.  Defend On!



In September 2013, the CDC (Centers of Disease Control) hosted the “Georgia Games for Health Jam” where students, and anyone interested in game development got together, formed groups, and tried to create a playable game in 48 hours, following a predetermined list of themes to choose from.
Four individuals (Brian Roney, Kevin Roney, Brian Miller, and JarekQ Aloisio) grouped up and created Egg Defender!
We turned out to be the only team who approached the topic of STD/STI and Unplanned Pregnancy Awareness and Prevention.
Egg Defender made the “Top 5″ of the Games for Health Jam, and this placed us in the finals which was held at SIEGE Con. Although we didn’t win this final event, we have moved forward with this game, under increased encouragement and feedback from the judges and fans of the game.
Since then, Egg Defender has also been declared as a winner in another competition held by the CDC, called the GameOn! Challenge Post.  Read more in our blog here.

Egg Defender Credits

Developers/Concept Artists:

JarekQ Aloiso

Brian Miller

Brian Roney

Kevin Roney


Brian Roney (Lead)

Miles Leavens-Russell

John Majors

Kevin Roney

Jesse Serrano

Aidan Hegarty


JarekQ Aloisio (Lead)

Brian Miller

Sound Effects:

Brian Miller

Brian Roney

Kevin Roney


Pat Strawser

Voice Over Talent:

September Carter

Special Thanks:

Aidan Hegarty – Technical Assistance & Moral Support

Regina Miller – Writer/Copyeditor/Marketing/Social Media Strategist

Tim Criswell

Hugh Thompson

Alcovy Sign Professionals

Matthew Figlewicz – Writer 

Andrew Greenberg – President of Georgia Game Developers Association (GGDA) and Immoral Support :|

Georgia Game Developers Association

Lee Morin – Morin Entertainment

Eloy Lasanta – Third Eye Games

Jody Campbell


It is the height of present time…

(Well, maybe it’s the past…or the future, no one really knows for certain)

The uneducated masses continue to increase their risk and chances of disaster.  Unknowingly, their negligent decisions of unprotected sex greatly multiply the threat of catastrophic results.

The increasing spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are at an all time outbreak and continue to climb in number.  In addition, unplanned pregnancy continues to dominate and doom impending lives of unsuspecting hosts.  

It’s time!  There is a solution to the rampant epidemic.

The Ovumseers have answered and formed the Epidemic Germination Guard & Delegation (E.G.G.D).  Containing the best and brightest intelligence from across the globe, this squad has gathered to collaborate and stop the destructive behavior; and, as a result, the solution is the creation of Egg Defender!

An Egg Defender is a microscopic nanobot, so small it can float through the air and enter the host’s body without any detection. 

Egg Defenders are programmed with two primary objectives:

1. Secure the host and establish a defensive position in the reproductive organs.

2. Ensure the health of the host by destroying any and all STDs/STIs and sperm cells which threaten the host’s reproductive systems.

Under top secret, official orders, you have been hired as an Egg Defender.  You are ultimately responsible for the success of the operations to which you are assigned.  The Egg Defender nanobots released are seeking eradication of all STDs/STIs within the confines of civilians who are unaware of contracting the diseases, or worse, at risk of spreading the outbreak.  

Your directive is to command your unit of Egg Defenders in their battle against STDs/STIs and unplanned pregnancy.  Your arsenal of antibodies and additional ammunitions supply, along with the ambition and drive of your team, is the only world’s only hope in this ongoing struggle.  It is imperative you learn to work well with your team of nanobots to protect the hosts which you have been designed to defend.

Get it done Egg Defenders!