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Beginner Game Design & Development
(Extracurricular Course Details)

An Exposition Course Focusing on Curriculum Areas:

  • Basic Computer & Typing Skills:
    • Game design and development will require use of a Word/processing software.
    • Basic computer skills will be taught for researching content on the internet, setting up and using email, and operations of cloud-based data storage.
  • English Composition:
    • Game design and development requires documentation and composition skill. There will be several assignments within the course, which will focus on writing and composition within document construction.  This instruction allows for a unique hybrid assignment between the extracurricular and regular curriculum assignments.  By bridging the two course areas, the teacher/instructor has access to several industry-specific/soft skill development assignments, which can be used for grading progress, jumpstarting additional dialogue and instruction, as well as enhancing the education and importance of proper writing and composition skills in the classroom and the workforce.
    • The student will build new industry terms, definitions, and usage, expanding student vocabulary.
  • Art:
    • Art and beginner graphic design are key to any game design. Several aspects of art are involved within the concept, plan, and build of a game. The student will learn simple forms of art design (concept drawing, story boarding, sketch art, and the creation of mock-up game pieces/boards).
    • The student will enhance his/her basic building blocks of game comprehension and art as expression and function in a game’s development.
  • Mathematics:
    • The student will learn to use practical applications of algebraic expressions by learning introductory coding skills.
  • Team Building & Presentation:
    • The final sessions of the beginner game design & development course will focus on forming a team with other students to build a game from scratch while building skills of teamwork, conflict management and agreement, and relationship development.
    • The final session of the beginner game design & development course will require the students to pitch their game to family, friends, and anyone invited, plus demonstrate the game through a play-test session.



Welcome to the word of Game Design & Development!  In this course, you will learn the basic elements that it takes to create any game.  You will learn how to evaluate and critique a variety of games, then work with a team in creating your own game.


Suggested Age Groups: 10-17 (Male and Female Students)


  • Computer, Laptop or Tablet (with a keyboard) and a Word program for typing documents.
    Microsoft Word, LibreOffice (a free program), or access to Google Docs.
  • Internet connection.
  • Notebook / Folder.
  • Pen / Pencil.


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