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Your support will help keep our hosting costs manageable, plus help in our reproduction of Egg Defender.

The Egg Defender “In-House Crowd Fund”:
When we first published Egg Defender, we ran into some issues with exporting to any other platform other than Windows PC, or Android. In an effort to reach all platforms, including iOS (Apple), Windows Store, and even web-browser, we need to redesign the entire game in a different program than what it was originally designed in.

In an effort to help fund our efforts to redesign the game, we are offering our own “In-House Crowd Fund” program. Depending on your level of support, you will receive one of the following options (should you choose to accept it):

  • Donate $5 – Our deepest thanks and gratitude for your support!
  • Donate $25+ – A custom Egg Defender Sticker! Please be sure to include your contact information in the comments of your Paypal donation (mailing address).
  • Donate $100+ – A custom Egg Defender Sticker + Your name in the credits! Please be sure to include the name you want displayed in the credits, and your contact information in the comments of your Paypal donation (mailing address).

The best weapon of all time is knowledge and understanding.
Help us fight the stigma of HIV, and reduce the rising count of STDs/STIs by  teaching our youth through a fun game!


Redesign Goals & Future Games Features:

Egg Defender will be completely redesigned in Unity 3D. This will allow us to export the game to any platform! The majority of costs will go towards programming, and a few new art assets.

  • HIV & PrEP:
    The original version of Egg Defender included HIV as an enemy, which was removed due to the fact that it could be destroyed in the game, making the educational element of HIV unrealistic and unacceptable. PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is a way for people who don’t have HIV but who are at very high risk of getting it to prevent HIV infection by taking a pill every day. The PrEP pill contains two medicines that are also used to treat HIV.

    • For game purposes, PrEP will be used in 2 ways:
      • Player can purchase PrEP before a level, preventing the appearance of an HIV cell.
      • If the player has been exposed to HIV in a previous level, the player can purchase PrEP before a level to prevent HIV from causing any damage to the player’s health.
    • HIV will be re-introduced with the following mechanics:
      • HIV will appear in the game after a determined number of levels (to be determined via play testing).
      • A warning to the player in the game menu will display a message warning of “high risk for HIV.”
      • An HIV cell will appear in the play area at a random location, then move around at a slow random pace around the play area.
      • HIV will not take any damage from any of the weapons. Any weapons fired at HIV, or contact HIV will disappear which will not allow the weapon to continue damage to any other attacking enemy.  (For example, a bullet will not pass through an HIV cell to cause damage to any enemy behind the HIV cell.)
      • HIV will slowly take away the player’s health during each level of exposure.
      • If the player has purchased PrEP before the start of the level, HIV will not appear.
      • If the player has been exposed to an HIV cell in a previous level, HIV will reappear for the remainder of the game (all levels).
      • If the player purchases PrEP before start of the level, yet after exposure to HIV from a previous level, the HIV cell will be “dormant” and not cause any damage to the player’s health.

Thank You & Defend On!
The ZapMil Team

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