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  • The green dots are worth 1 point each.
  • The red dot is constantly chasing you.
  • If the red dot eats any green dots, the red dot will move faster.
  • The blue dot is constantly chasing the red dot at a slightly slower speed.
  • The blue dot is worth 5 points.
  • If the blue dot eats any green dots, the value will increase by 5.
  • The purple dot will randomly appear at random times.
  • The purple dot is not worth any points, but will make the red dot run away for a short time if you eat it.
  • There is an easy way to increase your score – can you find it?

Before you download Chase ‘n Ate:

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The zipped file for Chase ‘n Ate will include your downloaded game, source code, and sound assets too!

Chase ‘n Ate was developed using Pygame 3.2  This will provide access to the entire source code from our game team.  Feel free to experiment and increase your game development skills, while learning Python code by editing the existing code!
Artificial Intelligence implemented using Bresenham’s Line Algorithm (click here to learn more).

Download Chase ‘n Ate

(for any Windows PC)




Brian Miller

Sound Assets: 

Brian Miller
(who really did enjoy recording & editing himself eating an apple)


Brian Miller
(Loop assets provided by Sonic Foundry Acid)

Special Thanks:

James Stephens
(programming & exporting assistance)

Harrison Kinsley
(programming tutorials)