Camp & Course Reviews

Amanda Williams Brown – Curriculum Consultant

  • 2007 Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education at Emmanuel College
  • Certified Pre-K – 5 in General Education (state of GA)
  • Certified Pre-K – 12 in Special Education Consultive
  • Certifice Pre-K – 5 in All Content Areas
  • Certified Pre-K – 3, 4-8 Elementary & Middle Schools (state of OK)

ZapMil’s motto of “Unbound Learning through Lifelong Experience” is reflected in their curriculum design and instruction. This innovative approach lends itself to creating a firm foundation using both direct instruction and hands on practice. ZapMil’s ability to deliver the information needed to obtain the skills students from ages 11-17 need to successfully navigate the world of beginning game design, is exciting!

Whether your child is an 11 year old who loves playing Minecraft or a 17 year old who has loved gaming since the beginning of time, there is something to be learned in these programs. From beginner to advanced design, ZapMil is able to meet the need of their learners through student facilitated group work, direct instruction from their highly qualified and engaging instructors, independent student driven projects, and the integration of traditional fields of study including but not limited to physics, mathematics, composition and writing. Their whole learning approach is easily customizable to meet the ever changing needs of today’s learner.

It is vitally important to show students the real world application of the new knowledge they are about to receive. ZapMil achieves that goal by demonstrating the importance of written documentation and the ability to verbalize what they have learned in order to pitch their created work. Their curriculum fosters working together as a creative team as well as working independently to complete assignments. It cultivates the ability to speak publicly and authoritatively to build confidence in oneself and what has been created.

Whether the child participates in the Introductory, Advanced Level coursework or a summer camp environment, they will leave with vital information and the basic skills needed to create or expand their own work to be a successful game developer. The student is met on their current ability level and scaffolded until they feel comfortable. The instructors are upbeat, relevant and excited about their field of work and have the desire to teach students and see them succeed!