About Us


Brian Miller (Camp/Course Instructor):
Founder and CEO of ZapMil LLC, an educational software and game development company designed with the focus on experiential education. His passion for digital gaming began with dedicated hours devoted to Atari gameplay. Today, he has directed that passion through the physics and artificial intelligence behind today’s digital gaming industry while helping to develop the next generation of game developers. He earned his Applied Computer Science degree in Game Development from Gwinnett Technical College.  Since then, Brian has spoken on game design and development for several events and panels such as SIEGEcon, Skills USA, Atlanta Science Festival, Bethlehem Elementary Career Days, and more.
Brian has taught game design and development within summer camps at the University of Georgia, and extracurricular after school courses at The New School in Atlanta, GA.
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biophotoRMRegina Miller
By day, Regina Miller is a philanthropy provocateur and community outreach originator. Our co-founder and COO works behind the scenes to handle operations that help our clients and businesses navigate the educational game design process. She has spent much of her career advocating and fundraising for educational institutions, and expanding a career in community outreach and relational leadership. She has held positions at the University of Pennsylvania, Georgia Gwinnett College, and Gwinnett Technical College.

She continues her responsibilities in external and internal communications, resource development, strategic planning, database management, volunteer recruitment, events planning and community outreach and development. She is the program director for the Gwinnett Neighborhood Leadership Institute, and the one of the largest volunteer events in the country, Gwinnett Great Days of Service.
Regina started her own freelance business in early 2013 and today continues her work with volunteer consultation and assistance for community nonprofits, small business, and associates. Regina has a bachelors degree in English, with a concentration in Written Communications from Immaculata University. She also holds a masters degree in education from the University of Pennsylvania.



Iscar Ogourousis (Camp/Course Co-Instructor):
An up-and-coming independent game developer whose passions lie in designing game mechanics and developing games as a whole. His story began at the young age of 6, when he and his brother played their very first home console, the Sega Genesis. Since then, Iscar has played thousands of digital games across every console generation, analyzing the ins and outs of the gameplay, from both an entertainment and an inspirational point of view. This passion is what led him to earn his Applied Computer Science degree in Game Design and Development from Gwinnett Technical College.  Iscar has been working with Brian as both a classmate during his degree, as well as a teammate and contractor with ZapMil as a co-instructor in past game design and development camps. With his passion, experience, and education, Iscar hopes to one day found and run his own game company to being a success.



Amanda Brown (Curriculum Consultant):
Amanda is a seasoned educator with a passion for improvement and problem solving. After earning her Bachelors in Science in Education from Emmanuel College, she pursued multiple teaching certifications from kindergarten through twelfth grade in  both General Education as well as Special Education through the State of Georgia.  Not only has she spent time in the actual classroom, but she has also been a mentor to newly certified teachers as well as an administrator.  She also worked as an Education and Disabilities Specialist with Easter Seals North Georgia, and a Center Director for Ninth District Opportunity which included monitoring, assessing, and critiquing instruction practices and curriculum, as well as demonstrating best practices in teaching and instruction.
Amanda’s other passions include performing/singing, beta-reading and editing romance novels and spending time with her family.

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